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The Wall Calendar includes twelve beautiful images of downtown Houston with all major US holidays and significant historical dates. The calendar is 11 inches x 8.5 inches closed and 11 x 17 inches open, and printed on a heavy card stock with a spiral binding.

These make great gifts!

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The Poster Calendar is printed on 11x17 heavy card stock with all twelve months listed on the left of the image.
Shipping fees are a flat fee whether you order 1 or 20 calendars.

Shipped (reg. $7.99 + $4.99) Sale $6.39 + $4.99
Pickup or Delivery (reg. $7.99) Sale $6.39

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Blue Hour on Buffalo Bayou

This is the city of Houston at twilight from the Sabine Street Bridge. The blue of the twilight sky balances with the blue of the lights under the Buffalo Bayou bridges. The lights change from blue to white along the bayou and in downtown Houston to reflect the 29-day cycle of the moon. So during the new moon, you can see the most blue along the Sabine to Bagby Trail.
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